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The O2 Grow patented technology increases yield on average of 15%

Why Use O2 Grow Products?

  • Increased oxygen to the root zone has shown to increase the speed of plant growth, size of the root ball, number and size of flowers, and nutrient uptake.
  • Oxygen is a vital component for activating microbes, and will reduce brewing time when when making compost teas.
  • It’s well documented that oxygen is needed to help balance pH, prevent root disease and ultimately increase yield.
  • Bubblers and venturis are inefficient at raising the dissolved oxygen level (ppm) in water. Bubblers and venturis simply “blow” air through the water and will raise the water temperature to match the surrounding air.
  • The O2 Grow patented technology elevates the dissolved oxygen levels 50% more than bubblers via electrolysis without increasing the temperature of your water.
  • The O2 Grow technology actually “manufactures” 100% pure oxygen from the water molecule, by separating the hydrogen and oxygen into gas
O2Grow Dissolved Oxygen Emitter vs Air Stone Results

Bubbler Air Stone vs Electrolysis

Deliver 50% more dissolved oxygen than air stones. Protect from root disease, improve nutrient uptake, activate microbes and use less power.


The effects of super oxygenated water in high tunnel plant production.


Understanding Nano Technology: Electrolysis vs Aeration.

Why O2 Grow?

O2 Grow allows you to maximize oxygen supplementation through a process known as electrolysis.

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