Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: The actual process is called hydrolytic electrolysis. The O2 Grow emitter carries a positive charge on one screen and a negative charge on the other. Once placed in the water, the emitter separates the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The larger hydrogen bubbles float up and dissipate into the air and the tiny oxygen bubble is so small it cannot break the surface of the water and is therefore reabsorbed back into the water, effectively increasing the DO saturation level.

Q: If there is electricity, can I get shocked?

A: There is no risk of getting shocked. The power supply is UL approved and current limiters will only let the emitters only draw 1 Amp of power maximum.

Q: Any negative effects from the hydrogen gas escaping from the water?

A: The amount of hydrogen gas released into the air is so small that it is not dangerous.

Q: How much energy does the unit draw?

A: The control units will only draw from 1 Amp - 4 Amps depending on the size of unit you purchase.

Q: How long do the emitters last?

A: The emitters will last more than 1600 hours with normal use, meaning that you only need to run the emitters a few hours per day and that you maintain the emitters by cleaning them with muriatic acid whenever they get buildup from calcium. The screens are coated with iridium and with proper use and maintenance you should be able to even extend the life of the emitter past 1600 hours. You will know when the emitter is at it's end of life when the emitter is generating significantly fewer bubbles.

Q: 1600 hours does not seem very long?

A: If you run the emitter about 2-3 hours per day, everyday, you should be able to get about 16-24 months use. It's important to note that once charged, the water will hold it's oxygen for about 12-24 hours without disruption (meaning, no bubblers and no flow) so you would actually be safe to run every other day and maintain fully saturated water.

Q: Is there a benefit to run this unit 24 hours a day? Will the plants get more oxygen?

A: Water will only hold so much dissolved oxygen. It depends on the type of water, the temperature of the water and any nutrients or other additives introduced into the water. Once the water is fully saturated, it can hold no more and running the emitter longer will not provide any more DO. The best way to check is to have a DO meter and measure the DO ppm.

Q: What is the best way to clean the emitter?

A: Using muriatic acid is an easy way to clean the emitter. Please see our video demonstration at We like to use "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner because you can find it at your local dollar store. The acid can be saved in a container and reused several times. Do not use brushes or abrasive sponges to clean the emitters. Spraying or dipping in the muriatic acid is sufficient. Dipping works best.

Q: Does your product work for 230v overseas?

A: Yes, the power supply is convertible on the 2010, 2020 and 2040 units. The 2120 and 2250 units will need a converter. Please specify your needs when placing your order.