Super Oxygenate Your Water

O2 Grow 2010

10 Gallon Capacity

Don’t let the small size fool you! The 2010 unit is ideal for stealth closet growing, starting plants in your cloner or even for use in your propagation room. The unit makes no noise and will not heat your water. Whether you have just a couple of gallons of water or 10-14 gallons, it only takes a hour or less to super oxygenate your nutrient water.

Package contains:

  • (1) Standard Control Box
  • (1) Emitter
  • (1) Power Cord

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Top Questions

Product Specifications

Item Number: 2010
Contents: Aluminum Heat Sink Control Box, Universal Power Supply, (1) Titanium Emitter
Capacity: 10 Gallon / 37.8 Liter
Electrical Usage: 7 Watts @ 120V
Product Size: Emitter: 4in x 4in x .75in, Control Box: 5.5in x 2.5in x 1.25in, Emitter Cord Length: 8ft including emitter.

Titanium Emitter

Control Box

Universal Power Supply


Quick Instructions

O2 Grow units are basically plug and play. Simply remove the unit from the package, connect the emitter to the power supply and then connect the power supply to the control box. Then, plug the power supply into the wall outlet. You should see a green light on the control box. The unit is now ready and the emitter can be placed into water. Once the emitter comes in contact with the water or the nutrient solution, this will complete the electronic circuit and the emitter will begin emitting bubbles.

If you do not see bubbles, make sure that your water has some electrolyte in it. If you are using reverse osmosis water or purified water, you will need to add some nutrient to make the emitters work.

The best method for oxygenating your water is to run the unit just before watering your plants, or on a timed cycle to boost oxygen if you are growing in a hydroponic method.

Emitter Maintenance

O2 Grow  Emitters will require cleaning from time to time. Over time, the Emitter may get a calcium build up from the water.  A quick rinse in a dilution of muriatic acid will remove the build up from the screens. Properly maintaining your screens will prolong the life of the Emitter.

Watering crops is the most important job in nursery production. Elevating dissolved oxygen levels in the water increases root efficiency.

When watering plants in soil, you will want to oxygenate your nutrient water just before pouring on plants.


For wicking systems, you will want to oxygenate your nutrient water on a schedule. Use a timer to boost oxygen every 3-4 hours.

Ebb & Flow

In Ebb & Flow systems, it is best to oxygenate the nutrient water on a schedule. Set your timer to oxygenate just prior to flooding the tray.

In Deep Water Culture systems, you will want to oxygenate your nutrient water on a schedule. Use a timer to boost your oxygen every 3-4 hours.

Drip / Top-Water

In Drip or Top Water systems, it is best to oxygenate the nutrient water just prior to your scheduled watering.

Aeroponic / Cloner

For Aeroponic or Cloner systems, you will want to oxygenate your nutrient water on a schedule. Use a timer to boost oxygen every 3-4 hours.

Top Questions:

Can I add too much oxygen?

A: No. Your water can only hold so much oxygen. There are a few factors in play here. The temperature of your water and the number of total dissolved solids (or salts) in your water, also known as TDS, will determine the amount of oxygen your water can hold.

The good news is that the O2 Grow emitters will create oxygen until the limit is reached. This is why you do not need to run the emitters 24/7 like a bubbler. Once that limit is reached, you will not be adding more oxygen to your nutrient solution, so it should be turned off. The only way to know for sure is to have a dissolved oxygen (DO) meter.

I only have 2-3 gallons in my reservoir. How long should I run the emitters?

A: You are going to want to run the emitters for about 30 minutes. The reason being that the emitters will reverse polarity after about 15 minutes. Running for about 30 minutes will ensure a sufficient boost of oxygen and will prolong the life of the emitter because of the reversing. Really the only true way to know how long to run the emitters is to have a dissolved oxygen (DO) meter.

Is it safe to use in my cloner or grow tent?

A: Yes. The process of electrolysis creates nano bubbles of oxygen and hydrogen. This small amount of gas is absorbed into the water and any gas that escapes dissipates in the air very rapidly.

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