Super Oxygenate Your Water

O2Grow Oxygen Emitter Nano Bubbles 2250 Unit

O2 Grow 2250

250 Gallon Capacity - 125 Gallons per Emitter

  • Deliver 50% more dissolved oxygen than air stones
  • University tests average 20% increase in yields
  • Minimal energy required to operate
  • Improves nutrient uptake at the root
  • Does not heat water
  • Activates microbes
  • Deter root disease
  • Makes NO NOISE!

Package contains:

  • (1) Heavy Duty Control Box
  • (2) Emitter

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Product Specications

Item Number: 2250
Contents: Heavy Duty Control Box with Power Supply and Cooling Fans, (2) Titanium Emitters
Capacity: 250 Gallon / 946 Liter
Electrical Usage: 432 Watts @ 120V
Product Size:Emitter: 8in x 13in x .75in, Control Box: 16in x 13in x 7in and Emitter Cord Length: 11ft each

Dissolved Oxygen Emitter Nano Bubbles

Titanium Emitter

O2Grow Oxygen Emitter Nano Bubbles 2250 Control Box

Control Box

O2Grow Farmer Indoor Greenhouse Oxygenation Tomato Pepper Research Test Results
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