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O2 Grow, products come in a variety of sizes depending on how much water you want to oxygenate. Ranging from 10 gallons to 250 gallons, we have a unit to fit your needs. Please visit our Online Store for more information and to purchase a unit.

Cleaning The Emitters

O2 Grow ​Emitters will require cleaning from time to time. Over time, the Emitter may get a calcium build up from the water. A quick rinse in muriatic acid will remove the build up from the screens. Properly maintaining your screens will prolong the life of the Emitter.

Bubbler Air Stone vs Emitter

O2 Grow technology is uniquely different. An air stone grabs the surrounding air and pushes it through a diffuser. The O2 Grow product increases dissolved oxygen via electrolysis, separating the water molecule, hydrogen from oxygen. 

Indoor Test Results from Orchids Limited

Jerry Fischer owner of Orchids Limited, Plymouth MN , gives a detailed comparison of the benefits of using the O2 Grow system with “Super Oxygenated Water” vs regular traditional irrigation methods.

From Seed To Stoned featuring O2 Grow

O2 Grow technology featured in the latest technology video From Seed To Stoned.

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